Residential vs Commercial Heating and Cooling

Stevensons Air Control provides HVAC service for both residential and commercial customers. We understand the differences between residential and commercial heating and cooling. With over 20 years of experience, we work hard to ensure we meet your exact needs and standards.

How to prepare for winter

It gets cold in the winter, can you believe it? When you think of HVAC service and winter, heating is obviously the first priority. A properly maintained and serviced heating system is the first step to making sure you and your family survive the cold, winter months.

How can maintaining an efficient cooling tower save you money in the long run?

You can locate them in any commercial or industrial building, but what exactly is the function of a cooling tower and why is it so important to maintain them? First, let’s begin by identifying the different types of cooling towers that may be in your building. There are generally two types of cooling towers, Natural Draft or Mechanical Draft.A mechanical draft cooling tower are normally smaller, uses fans to generate air flow and are normally more expensive to run. A natural draft cooling tower facilitates air flow by the natural convection of the air, is normally less expensive to run, however, larger in size than a natural draft cooling tower.