Indoor Air Quality in Wildwood IL

Indoor Air Quality in Wildwood IL

In most cases, lingering dust and allergens, high electric bills, even strange smells can all be traced back to one cause. The culprit? Your indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can be the result of a number of causes but can be successfully mitigated with a proper ventilation system to push indoor air out and bring fresh air in.  Our team of professionals at Stevensons Air Control are experts in providing ventilation repairs, replacements, maintenance, and installations. Our mission is to provide fast and dependable products and services to keep your home running happily and healthy for years to come.

Keep your Home Clean with our Indoor Air Quality Services in Wildwood IL

There are many steps that you can take to keep your home free of everyday grime that we would always recommend you do. For example, many everyday appliances such as gas stoves in your home are known to pollute your air supply. Try to take steps that will reduce their emissions like running your gas stove at a lower temperature — your ventilation system will thank you!

For when your ventilation system has had enough, turn to the professionals at Stevensons Air Control. Over time, your air ducts will accumulate particles of dust, pollen, and other debris that you are breathing in. Too much build-up of this debris can hurt your system’s performance which can lead to higher energy bills and will eventually cause your system to break down. If you notice your ventilation system is working harder than it should, it may be time to have your ventilation system inspected.

Our residential ventilation service professionals will clean your ventilation system’s blowers and cooling coils for optimal performance. Our full inspection will look for and identify any issues such as leaks to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Count on our team to treat your vents like our own and advise you with the best course of action for repairs and replacement.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners are meant to collect pollutants from your home’s indoor air and purify what you are breathing in. Many people that are sensitive to air pollutants appreciate an air cleaner in addition to their home’s ventilation system. At Stevensons Air Control, we offer a number of air-cleaning devices to help supplement your residential ventilation system. Our professionals will help guide you into choosing the perfect air cleaner for your needs based on the product’s percentage efficiency rate, and air circulation rate.

We are proud dealers of American Standard products. With over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we find American Standard products to be the highest quality in terms of performance and longevity. In addition, we also offer a wide selection of other products and brands and would be happy to guide you into choosing the ideal product to suit your needs.

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