Heating Maintenance

Form a partnership with Stevensons Air Controls for years to come. Residents from Des Plaines and all over the Chicago area trust our professional team for regular maintenance of their heating systems.

How Often Should I Maintenance my Heating System?

We recommend having your heating system serviced one to two times per year, at least at the start of every heating season. There is nothing worse than your heating unit breaking down in the dead of winter, and regular maintenance can help prevent that.

Why So Often? 

Regular maintenance from a qualified HVAC technician will help to catch small problems and fixes as they occur. It is crucial that these problems are addressed early before they create larger problems for your unit.

Why Trust Stevensons Air Control?

Over 90% of our customer base has been with us for over 10 years! Our services are trusted by our clients because we take the time to listen to your concerns and assess the best possible solution to fit your home’s heating needs.