AC Repair

When your AC breaks in your home or business, you want a team of professionals you can trust to get it back up and running as soon as possible for the comfort of your family, employees, and guests. Count on the professionals of Stevensons Air Control to get your AC repair job done quickly and reliably. Our highly qualified and factory-trained technicians will quickly diagnose the problem in any state of disrepair. If your unit is no longer functioning, or simply not functioning as well as it could be, we’re here to help.

When Should I Hire an AC Repair Service?

Even if your home air conditioning system is working, you will still need an AC repair service to regularly maintain and keep up with small repairs as they arise. These small roadblocks may not cause your ac unit to fully breakdown, but may cause it to run suboptimally. An AC unit that is in need of repair could:

  • Increase your home’s energy bill and cooling costs.
  • Not circulate enough cold air,
  • Emit strange noises as it is working
  • Stop blowing cold air completely

If you are noticing these things, it is time to call an AC repair service. Our team of professionals have had over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential HVAC repair. We will notice and address these issues before they lead to costly repairs or full-on replacements in the future.

Des Plaines HVAC Repair Service

When a proper and proactive Des Plaines HVAC repair service is carried out, you will experience less break downs and mechanical issues. Here are some common issues that can be easily avoided:

  • Frozen coils – Coils ice up for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is where the outside structure is filled in debris. Overgrown shrubs, swirling gravel, tall grass and weeds will block the device and cause the coils to freeze. Holding your outside device clean helps reduce this growing issue.
  • Clogged condensation drain pipe – The machine has a sink and sink line that runs to the outside. When the line is clogged with dust and dirt, either from the inside or from the outside, it can’t drain properly, which could lead to water in your home. Holding the drain line dry on the outside and adding a cup of chlorine into the drain line a couple times a year can help prevent bacteria from creeping inside and clogging the line.
  • Improperly working thermostat – Most thermostats use batteries, if yours does, please replace the battery once a year until it fails. This will prevent it from running off its internal battery and eventually shutting down.

Why Are Small AC Repairs Important?

It is recommended that you have your AC unit serviced once per year, ideally right before the warmer months start to roll in. This way, you will have plenty of time to address any small fixes that your unit may need to avoid a breakdown when you really need it. There are a number of reasons that could cause your unit to need attention and repair sooner than this. Even Something as simple as excess debris or dust in your unit can lead your system to a breakdown. Over time, these outside factors, as well as general wear and tear, and can turn these seemingly small fixes into much larger and much more costly repairs.

What Happens When My AC Unit Needs A Larger Repair?

Our team at Stevensons Air Control has had years of experience serving the Des Plaines, IL area. Count on our experience and know-how to properly diagnose the issue that is plaguing your AC unit. From there, our experts will advise you on the best course of action. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in treating our customers like family. Our team will provide AC repair in a timely, and professional manner at a fair price, always.

Trust the Professionals

If you are enduring the impacts of a broken AC unit, don’t spare a moment and bring in the experts. Our expert HVAC company can altogether review the framework of your entire unit to diagnose the problem, or prevent a problem before it arises. We recommend to not let a beginner repair your cooling framework, as some of the time an endeavor to set aside cash can wind up costing you hundreds over the long haul. Furthermore, beginners don’t convey the suitable licenses, understanding, and preparing to guarantee an occupation very much done.
Our air conditioning repair service technicians will never keep you waiting. Our offices and warehouses are located and in close proximity to all major highways so we can deliver you fast and dependable service when you need it. Do you need your AC repaired right now? Learn more about our 24-hour emergency and same day service. We understand that when your air conditioning breaks down, there is no time to waste! Give us a call and get started with your Des Plaines Air Conditioning Repair services.

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